Welcome to the Faceless Leaders Blog

Thank you for visiting the Faceless Leaders blog.  As someone who has been in a leadership role in numerous organizations over the past 20 years, I created this blog as a resource for those who hope to improve their leadership.  In John Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell defines leadership as influence- nothing more, nothing less.  If that is the case, then all of us are leaders in some way because we influence people every day.  (My guess is that you already consider yourself a leader to some degree or you would not be reading a blog on leadership.) Unfortunately, we all know people (possibly even ourselves) who misuse or abuse their ability to influence others.

This blog is for the leader who has said, “If I only had better employees, volunteers or students…” My hope is that you will read my posts, learn from my failures, and see that your people are your greatest assets.

This blog is for the discouraged leader.  I hope to share stories, answers to real-life questions, and other materials that I and other leaders have developed that will encourage you in your leadership journey.

This blog is for the leader that says they are too old to change.  I hope that you will read the stories of the many “seasoned” leaders I have encountered and realize you are too old not to change.

This blog is for the young leader who fears admitting that they have no idea how to influence people without relying on a title or position of authority.  I hope you will read my stories, laugh at my ridiculous efforts to prove myself a leader, and realize that true leadership is when people follow you because they “want to” not because they “have to.”

This blog is for the many other leaders that desire bigger dreams, clear direction, and meaningful lives. My hope is that you will find the maker of dreams, the giver of direction and the one who gives life embedded in the words of this blog.

As you read the blog, if you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at Michael.willis@thecolorninegroup.com.


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