Transform Paraguay

“I need to share this with my kids and neighbors.  This is too important!”  Those were the words I heard from the interpreter speaking into my right ear.  What I saw and felt were the tears and trembling hand that had grabbed my left arm. The young woman had attended the training session because she had hoped to become a better professional.  She had not prepared herself for an experience that would spark a fire for transformation in her own life or feed the passion that burned in her soul for her friends and family.

I was there because I wanted to make a difference with people that wanted to make a difference at a time that made a difference.  I didn’t speak the language, I could not have pointed to my location on a map, and I most certainly did not understand the social importance of Tereré.  What I did know is that I carried a message that had the potential to transform lives.  This message would have been lost in translation however, had I thought that my words, talents, or presentation were going to change the life of a single person.  I knew when I got in the car to go somewhere with someone to do something, that all that I was or had ever been was not going to be enough to do what needed to be done.  I needed to be satisfied with being a “cracked pot” fully relying on God to break down the language and culture barriers so the message could not only be delivered but most importantly understood.  For three and a half hours, I trusted the process, the interpreter, and God to deliver a new hope to a room full of people.

When I felt the trembling hand on my arm and saw the tears in the eyes of the young executive and mother, I knew the message had been received.  I was there because I had hoped to help transform Paraguay.  That may still happen, but I know that day a young women’s world was changed forever.

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