I started this blog as an effort to connect to the many faceless leaders who want to see great things accomplished in this world.   For more than 20 years I have had the privilege of leading thousands of individuals through my work in radio, the United States Congress, a number of corporations, and in my church. My experiences with these organizations has led to numerous opportunities to share my insights with major news agencies such as Bloomberg and the New York Times as well as many local governments and Universities around the country. My passion is for developing leaders and teams that can address challenges facing our nation, communities and churches today. Whether it is in the halls of Congress or in our neighborhood, it is evident that intentional vision driven leadership is missing. My hope is that this blog will encourage leaders to refocus their efforts on the basics of leading without regard for credit or notoriety and move one day at a time towards reaching their full potential.

Much of what you will find on this blog are my best efforts at explaining the skills and strategies taught to me by great leaders.  You should know that long before I began to write, I used the information I am sharing here to develop teams that have been responsible for passing major federal legislation, changing the culture of businesses, and inspiring men and women to be the leaders in their homes and churches.  While I wish I could say that I learned all of this naturally and that it was simple to apply in my life, that would not be true or helpful.  It has taken decades to “get” some things and I am constantly amazed at how utterly oblivious I was to important ideas just a few weeks ago.  I have nothing to hide and will probably share as much about my failures as my successes on these pages.  My hope is that you will find what I share useful.

I thank you for visiting my blog and for letting me join you on your journey to becoming a more successful leader.


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